Handy Supplies for Homeschooling

To help your student while they’re learning from home, try to get your hands on these essential school supplies.

Recent events have severely impacted our country’s educational system. For a while, it meant that all students had to be homeschooled, but now many schools are opting for a hybrid system with students alternating days between in-class and homeschooling. But don’t worry! Whether this back to school “new normal” is just for Fall 2020 or here to stay, you don’t have to go crazy making homeschool preparations.  Whether you need to help your student with online assignments, or if you want to teach some lessons yourself, simply having these essential homeschooling supplies will help you to get the job done.

Pencils & Notebooks

box of universal pencils

Out of all the things you should buy for students, pencils and notebooks are among the most essential. The best way for students to learn is by giving them a way to take notes while a lesson is underway. Make sure your kids have pencils and notebooks to write in, so they’ll have an easy way to remember the information they’re being taught.

When shopping for pencils, it’s important that you buy enough for a given period. With the pandemic still going on, restocks can be difficult, so it’d be smart to grab a few extras. Try to buy a selection of notebooks for different subjects too, since this will make it easier for students to find notes on a specific topic.

Also, be sure to stock up on lined paper for the notebooks too so students don’t have to worry about running out of space.

Weekly Planners

Open & Closed Weekly Planner

One of the best things you can have when your homeschooling is a planner. Since there are no teachers around to remind students about deadlines and assignments, you’ll need something you can use to keep track of their work. A planner will let you create a week-by-week schedule that you and your students to follow.

If your student has assignments to do online, you can use the planner to mark due dates for each one, so you can guarantee they’re turned on time. If you’re doing homeschooling on your own, a planner will help you plan out what you want to work on with your student each day. With each day blending into the next, it’s important to have a dedicated plan in place for the week.

Pencil Sharpeners

Blue Colored Electric Pencil Sharpener

Your student is going to be doing a lot of writing at home, which means their pencils will need to be kept nice and sharp. If you don’t have a pencil sharpener right now, it would be wise to grab one for your student to use. That way, your student will get more use out of their pencils, and you won’t quickly use up ones you have.

Typically, an electric pencil sharpener is the best type to grab. They’re quick and easy to use, so your kids won’t have to spend too much time sharpening their pencils. Manual pencil sharpeners are good to have too, just in case you deal with any power issues at home.

Post-It Notes

Pack of Post-it Notes, With Some Extras

Post-It notes are handy for all sorts of people, and they can be great for parents who are starting out with homeschooling. You write down a list of assignments on one of them, and leave it on your student’s desk. That way, they’ll have an easy way to see what needs to be done on a given day, and assignments can be crossed off as they make progress.

You can also put notes in students’ textbooks to mark specific pages or sections they should be focusing on. If you want to leave yourself a reminder for something, these sticky notes are perfect for that purpose as well. These versatile items have several applications and are perfect for students and parents alike.

Everything Else

Collection of Loose School Supplies, Including Markers & Tape

To round out your list, make sure you grab these supplies as well. Having a steady stock of these items ensures that your students have everything they need for an effective learning experience.

· Pens
· Binders for storing assignments
· Hole punches
· Correction fluids (Wite-Out)
· Markers
· Glue
· Staplers
· Scissors
· Desktop organizers

Want to pick up some of these supplies for your student? Take a look at our school supply offerings.