Make Your Mark: Why You Need a Custom Stamp

Custom stamps are a huge time-saver for businesses of all types. By speeding up mailing, inventory, shipping and other common business processes, you can streamline any business with high-quality custom stamps. At CMF Supplies, we have a broad range of custom stamps, self-inking stamps, and stamp supplies to get your business processes on track.

Custom Stamps Will Make Your Life Easier

Custom stamper

From Cosco and Universal stamps to Xstamper® and Trodat® stamps, CMF Supplies has custom stamp options from all of the world’s leading stamp manufacturers. From daters to custom message stamps and everything in between, we have the self-inking, custom stamps you need to take your business to a new level.

Added Branding Opportunities


By choosing a custom stamp, you can create any message you want. You can adjust the font, add a logo, or add any other features you need to brand your business on a large scale. Whether you are stamping invoice envelopes, sending out marketing mailers or shipping products to your customers, branded custom stamps allow you to keep your brand top-of-mind with your customers.

Quicker Stamping

Envelope with stamp

If you already use self-inking stamps, you know how much time it saves. By skipping the step of inking your stamp on a separate stamp pad, you save yourself precious seconds, and when shipments are into the hundreds or thousands, those seconds add up quick!

More Comfortable

Writing letter

Anyone who has had to write an address or sign their signature 20 times in a row knows how painful it can be to write for long periods of time. Hand cramps, muscle spasms and wrist pain are some of the few unpleasant side-effects of constant writing. Luckily, custom signature and address stamps can be created to save you from the pain of handwriting repetitive messages or signatures. Even better than custom labels, you don’t have to pull, peel and place a custom stamp. Simply center the stamp, press down and you’re done!


Dirty hands

Self-inking stamps are less messy since they do not require a separate ink pad and can ink themselves in a closed chamber within the stamp itself. As a result, the ink is more evenly and correctly distributed, which means a clean stamp on every page. In addition, hands and other papers stay cleaner, too, since users don’t have to physically touch the ink at any point during the stamping process.

At CMF Supplies, we have the experience and product knowledge to help you choose the custom stamp to best meet your needs. We are the self-inking stamps experts and can help you decide which features are most important to your business processes. We also offer fast turnaround times and always guarantee your stamp will be made to your exact specifications. Contact us today for more details about our custom stamp services or to request a quote for your custom stamps today!