Stay Focused with an Organized Workspace 

We’ve all had those days where, despite our best efforts to be productive and efficient, we just can’t seem to get it together. Even on our best days, it’s an uphill battle to stay focused. Our world is increasingly more distracting, and with new technology and information showing up daily, it feels overwhelming to try to keep up. Learning tips and tricks to stay organized and maintain focus is crucial for our sanity as well as our success. 

Our ability to focus and be productive depends not just on our inner world, but also on our outer world. A cluttered and messy workspace does not help the cause when trying to conquer the chaos monster. When you feel like you need a map and shovel to find even the simplest items, like coffee filters or a ream of copier paper, your headspace will suffer and so will your productivity. The good news is, there are plenty of ways you can organize your environment to assist in this endeavor.   

Storage – Everything Has a Place 

The condition of our workspace or classroom has a direct impact on our mental state. It’s frustrating and time consuming having to sort through disorderly shelves, piles of paper, and closets in disarray. Thankfully, there are many simple remedies that can help us evade a messy desk and a cluttered mind, starting with storage spaces.  

When it comes to storage spaces, practical and streamlined are the names of the game. Classroom storage is vital for handling the unique demands of keeping spaces for children of all ages safe, tidy, and organized.  

As with schools, each business has its own specific challenges when it comes to layout and organization. A well-designed space increases focus and productivity as well as maximizes office and classroom space. In addition to our extensive line of products for schools and businesses, CMF provides office interior design and installation services to help you make the most of your square footage.  

Keep Up Supply  

Maintaining a well-stocked office or classroom with the right supplies on hand is one of the most important factors when it comes to running a tight ship in both a business and an academic setting. You want to have what you need on hand, but you also don’t want to have items overflowing onto floors and into hallways from overstocked storerooms and breakroom cabinets. Finding the sweet spot between having what you need when you need it without overdoing it is key in maintaining an organized workspace.  

At CMF, we not only carry a wide variety of items from trusted brands (including eco-friendly office supplies), but we also offer contact pricing and recurring orders, which saves you on time, space, and bottom line.  

Streamline Systems  

Filing cabinets keep papers organized and out of sight. Create an effective and efficient filing system that is easy to navigate and update – label your files clearly and group them by client, project, or work stream. Color-code to make certain files easy to find quickly.  

To avoid an accumulation of paperwork, keep pace with filing requirements by creating a daily or weekly filing system. Additionally, make friends with your paper shredder and remember to dispose of old files efficiently and easily.  

Need more storage? Stackable cube organizers offer plenty of storage space as well as the flexibility to add cubes when you run out of space.  

Go Green 

Got boxes of printer cartridges taking up space and drying out in stock rooms? Water bottles overflowing trash cans? Going green is a great way to make space, minimize waste, and remove clutter. In addition to recycled furniture and other supplies, CMF offers an Ink & Toner Recycling Program as well as filtered water coolers that are good for organization as well as the environment.  

Wires Gone Haywire 

Hide your wires and charging cables. This is not only mentally helpful but also physically valuable, as exposed wires and cables are both tripping hazards as well as fire hazards. Not to mention they can be the source of serious frustration, such as when you kick a cluster of them under your desk and accidentally unplug your computer mid client presentation. Keep those wires and cables tidy and out of sight with items such as cord clips, zip ties, cable sleeves, cord management pipes and tubes, and cord trays.  

Battle the Breakroom Bulge 

Breakrooms are sneaky spaces that can create plenty of clutter in a short amount of time. Between dirty dishes and empty bottles and delivery boxes, breakrooms can be the source of trash overload as well as a stench cesspool (read more about how scent affects productivity)

A tidy breakroom isn’t just hygienic and saves space, however. It’s good for employee morale. The afternoon slump is a real thing, and hangry employees are never happy employees. To address this, keep your social and snacking spaces clean, well-stocked, and organized.  

CMF uses the services of Green Rabbit to get food delivered daily, eliminating the need to stuff cupboards while ensuring your employees always have plenty of options for snacks (even including gluten-free and low- to – no- sugar products).  

Hydration also plays a huge role in cognition, which is why hydrated employees are more productive and focused, not to mention healthier. Sate their thirst and their gray matter while also cutting down on waste from plastic water bottles (or even eliminate that waste completely) by incorporating filtered water coolers.  

As for coffee, let’s be honest – who wants to get between a coffee lover and their morning cuppa? Eliminate trash, cut back on wasted time from coffee runs, AND provide employees with their caffeine kick by setting up a coffee service.  

There’s more to the coffee kick than a hot beverage, though. Entrepreneur Magazine recently published findings that show coffee can increase mood, cognitive function, and concentration. So, if you want to increase focus, keep the liquid gold flowing.