CMF’s Top Office Trends of 2024

Top Office Trends of 2024

In 2024, “office workspace” is going to become more and more synonymous with “better living through tech and design,” with the focus being on creating tech-savvy, sustainably designed and outfitted workplaces that foster efficiency, flexibility, and innovation. If you aren’t “thinking green” you are falling behind. We’ve got some ideas on ways to grow and thrive while minimizing your negative impact on the environment. 

Happy Employees = Improved Bottom Line

With hybrid and work-from-home options firmly cemented in the work world, workspaces that prioritize comfort, convenience, and connection are more important than ever. Workspaces should be environments that promote positive socialization, communication, and innovation and focus on aspects that employees cannot experience working from home. That includes the sense of camaraderie and connection you only get in person. But workspaces also need places where employees can decompress and recharge.  

By incorporating an improved layout design and elements such as ergonomic furniture and introducing features such as well-stocked breakrooms and cross-functional desk space, you can create more versatility in how employees work, ultimately improving employee productivity. Some products and services that improve employee well-being include:  

Are you designing and outfitting your workspace with employee well-being in mind? Does your workspace feature specific areas that encourage connection and innovation? Does it feature places for recharging and relaxing? Let our team of design professionals help you create the ideal environment that fosters employee well-being. 

Data-driven Workplace Decisions and Space Utilization

In today’s work environment, employees expect to be able to work effortlessly from any location and device. Plus, many employees are back to working on site for at least a few days a week. To ensure that everyone remains connected, regardless of their location, businesses are integrating the appropriate technology and layout into office design and putting greater focus on workplace utilization and products.  

Are you paying attention to which areas of the office are being utilized and which ones aren’t? CMF’s design and installation services can help you make the most of every bit of square footage while ensuring your employees are comfortable and happy.


Speaking of space utilization, are you considering sustainability in your office design and product choices? In 2024, expect workplace trends to see the continued progression and implementation of sustainable technology and products (including clean, green, and climate technology), with digital solutions that facilitate favorable environmental, social, and governance (ESG) outcomes.   

You can minimize environmental damage AND lower costs in your business by incorporating energy-efficient products like smart lights and thermostats to optimize factors such as temperature and electricity usage. Additionally, more and more manufacturers are incorporating durability, recyclability, and reusability into their products, providing plenty of options for eco-friendly supplies and services. Beyond that, downsizing makes a big difference in your carbon footprint as well as your costs. We’ve got a few space-saving tips for you, as well as eco-friendly office supplies and services to help you ‘green’ your work environment.