7 Signs You’re Ready for Your Child to Go Back to School

The August heat is in the air, Labor Day is approaching, and frankly, you’re exhausted from pulling a double parenting shift all summer. Although you’ll miss your son or daughter to pieces when the time comes, you can probably relate to the following seven signs that you are ready for your child to go back to school:


1. The groceries have disappeared.

The fridge is bare and all that is left in the pantry is crumbs. Your children have been living on fruit, ice pops, and lemonade to beat the heat – summer snacking at its finest.


2. Your wallet is much lighter.

All those trips to the beach, daycations, and camp registrations have really added up. But, how can you resist a great back to school sale or just purchasing school supplies in general?


3. Your calendar is filled with appointments.

From haircuts to the doctors, each one of your children has quite a few appointments coming up. It’s time for a fresh back to school look. Don’t forget to fill out all those medical forms.


4. Every errand is an adventure.

happyfamilyA simple errand takes twice as long when the whole clan is present. A quick run to the store seems to turn into a shopping spree.


5. Your eardrums can only take so much of Frozen’s “Let It Go.”

You’ve seen their favorite movies, watched their TV shows, and listened to their favorite songs so many times that you can recite them.


6. Bedtime – oh the struggle!

Those nights of staying up late are over. It’s time to practice going to bed early and waking up on time for school.


7. You miss homework.

Their summer reading list is complete, they are constantly “bored” and every activity you suggest is unappealing. Where’s homework to keep them busy when you need it?