Physical, Mental, & Financial Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks

The Rise & Benefits of Sit-Stand Desks

Did you know that from 2014 to 2019, the number of employees offered adjustable height desks by their employers rose more than 40%? Employers are recognizing the many advantages of height adjustable sit-stand desks. Not only are they good for physical health, but they also improve focus and productivity, thus making you more money. How can ergonomic furniture, like a sit-stand desk, improve your workstation?  

Physical Benefits 

Sitting for long periods of time is bad for your health, many of us know this. But what are the quantitative benefits of an adjustable desk?  

There are several physical benefits to an adjustable sit-stand desk. From relieving neck and back pain to decreasing risk for heart disease. Let’s explore the benefits in a more in-depth manner to truly understand how this can positively impact your employees’ physical and mental health. 

The Back


Woman sitting, working on her laptop

Firstly, let’s consider our backs. While you’re reading things, you are likely sitting down. Maybe on a couch, in an office chair, or on a stool. How can you improve your posture? Are you slouching? How does your back feel? A low-grade inflammation in the back can have long-lasting effects, and all of them negative. When you switch to an adjustable sit-stand desk, you are helping to prevent those issues before they start. You will be stretching out your spine, using the muscles appropriately, and strengthening those muscles. This will improve your posture, help your balance, and increase your blood flow.  

The Heart 

Heart rate device

Speaking of blood flow, standing for 3 hours after consuming food can reduce blood sugar spikes but up to 43%! And, did you know, that alternating between standing and sitting every 30 minutes can reduce blood sugar spikes by more than 11%. Additionally, it can lower your risk of weight gain. Standing can burn an extra 170 calories per day, or almost 1000 calories per week. These things combined account for a healthier heart, allowing you to reduce the likelihood of Type 2 Diabetes and live a healthier, more productive life.  

Mental Health Benefits

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The physical benefits are equally matched by the psychological benefits. When one is physically active, endorphins are released. Endorphins can reduce stress, relieve pain, and increase dopamine and serotonin levels, keeping you happier. Your energy levels will increase, and this will also improve your productivity.  

Productivity Benefits 

Several workers working at sit-stand desks in a workspace

As for productivity, the results are clear. Your muscles are engaged when you are standing. They’d had to be otherwise you’d collapse! When your muscles are engaged, you are more focused. As stated above, your blood flow increases when you use a sit-stand desk, and increased blood flow means more blood and oxygen to the brain. And we all know what happens when the brain is functioning properly – productivity. You’ll be able to pump out more work during your working hours, which will, in turn increase an employee’s financial contribution, time being money and all.  

The Best Desk for You 

White sit-stand workstation

Since you’re now ready to switch to an adjustable sit-stand desk, your next question might be: which one is right for me? Well, we’ve got you covered there. First, take our quiz on ergonomic furniture. Once you’ve completed that, you can reach out to your CMF representative about how to purchase adjustable sit-stand desks so you can learn to love your office space, whether it’s in the office or in a home office.