Beat Allergy Season with CMF: Restock Health & Sanitation Supplies

Restock Supplies to Combat Allergy Season

As the spring season starts to ‘bloom’, the onslaught of pollen and other seasonal allergens looms large, bringing with it plenty of stuffy heads and noses, not to mention a host of other germs and pathogens.  

Allergies aren’t just annoying. They also lead to miserable employees, additional sickness, and a whole lot of lost productivity. Plus, they can also contribute to other pathogens being spread. Not only do your employees who have allergies suffer, but those that don’t run the risk of getting sick because of the resultant pathogens and germs floating about from sneezing and blowing noses.  

The question arises: Are you prepared to combat allergy season? CMF Business Products has an extensive range of products that cater to your every need, enabling you to maintain a healthy environment ready to battle the elements for your employees and customers. Restock your health and sanitation supplies with us today and keep at bay the dreaded allergies and potential germs and pathogens they can spread! 

Allergy and Cold Medicine 

We can’t predict if and when allergies will strike or when we’ll get sick. But we CAN be prepared and have medicine on hand at the first sign of an allergic response or a sniffle. For those who suffer from allergies, it’s well known that symptoms can last for weeks. Be on the safe side and keep a stash of medicine on hand for those unfortunate times when allergens invade your space.   

Allergy/Sinus Congestion  


Headache and Pain Relief


Cold and Flu Relief 


Air Purifiers 

One of the best ways to combat allergies is to keep allergens out of the air in the first place. And one of the best ways to do that is with air purifiers. Not only do they add relief to those who suffer from allergies, they also keep the air cleaner for those who might otherwise pick up airborne germs.  

Air Purifiers 




Disinfectants and Sanitizers 

Counter spaces, doorknobs, bathrooms, kitchens, lobbies…all are breeding grounds perfect for germs to flourish. And germs make people more susceptible to allergic reactions. Keep those germs in check by ensuring your common areas stay clean and sanitary. We’ve got a wide range of disinfectants and sanitizer products at the ready to help you battle the spread of pathogens and keep your people safe from sickness and allergies.  

Hand Sanitizers and Soaps 

One of the best ways to avoid sharing germs and carrying around potential allergens is to keep those hands clean. CMF carries a wide range of hand soaps and hand sanitizer products to help you minimize the health risks of every handshake.  

Hand Sanitizer 


Hand Soap 



Let’s face it – tissues are good to have on hand even when you AREN’T sick or stuffed up from allergies. And they are a total necessity when you are. Keep a steady supply available in key place likes restrooms and common areas.  


Whether it’s allergy medicines or disinfectants and sanitizers or air purifiers, CMF Business Supplies has the supplies you need to keep your facility (and the people who spend time in it) healthy. Restock all your health and sanitation products today so you can fight off allergies and pathogens tomorrow.