The Perks of an Office Coffee Service

Energize your Office

Do you want to ensure that your employees are happy and energized at work? Providing your breakroom with an office coffee service is the easiest way to perk up your employees. According to One Source Refreshment, stepping away from your desk to indulge in a coffee break helps your brain to relax. This can ultimately mean employees who are less stressed and more productive. Below we have outlined some of the other benefits of a coffee service as well as our trusted brands and options.

 Benefits of an Office Coffee Service

Office Coffee Service fresh coffee

Vending Market Watch states that free beverages such as coffee, tea and water shouldn’t be a question when it comes to setting up a company breakroom. They also say that this relatively small investment will yield a significant return. This is because caffeine can increase attention spans, improve focus and boost mental energy. These benefits alone provide you and your employees with a drive to complete more work and feel rewarded while doing so. Stocking your breakroom with coffee also means reducing the amount of employees who leave throughout the day. Instead of leaving for their coffee break they can get their fix in the breakroom and head back to work.

In moderation, caffeine offers many health benefits as well. This can be due to the natural antioxidants that are found in coffee. Past research has credited caffeine intake with reducing the risks of heart disease, diabetes, dementia, brain cancer and more.

Why Choose CMF?

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In order to stock your breakroom with quality and delicious coffee products, we only provide you with our trusted brands. These brands will ensure a fresh tasting cup of coffee every time it’s made. Each brand comes in a variety of flavors, some of which include, French Vanilla, Caramel Vanilla Cream, Extra Bold and many others. Aside from coffee, these brands also offer different beverage options like hot chocolate and tea. We also carry cups, lids, stirrers, creamer, sweeteners and other break room supply needs.

Our Trusted Brands

KeurigThe Keurig logo Diedrich CoffeeDiedrich Coffee
Green Mountain CoffeeGreen Mountain Coffee Law Coffee CompanyLaw Coffee Company
Donut House CollectionDonut House collection Newman’s Own
Newman's Own Organics

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