The Perks of Working With an Office Coffee Service

The Benefits of an Office Coffee Service

Coffee is a large part of almost everyone’s workday. Most American workers drink an average of 3 cups of coffee per day and many drinkers are particular about the kinds of coffee they drink. Bad office coffee can be a thing of the past with CMF’s Office Coffee Services

Bringing the Café to the Office 

Man with a cup of coffee, while he works on his laptop

An office breakroom is nothing without coffee, tea and water. These beverages will keep your employees, clients and visitors happy and efficient throughout the day. A caffeine boost in the afternoon can dramatically improve one’s productivity.  

Not to mention, keeping your breakroom stocked with several different kinds of coffee will keep your employees from leaving the office to get their coffee fix. Instead, they can take a short walk to the break room, making the best use of their time while at work. An average coffee run can result in up to 20 minutes away from their desk! 

CMF’s Office Coffee Service


Wide range of coffee supplies

We have a large amount of coffee products available to you. From k-cups to ground coffee, decaf and caffeinated, and dozens of blends from top-quality brands, we’re sure to keep everyone in your office caffeinated and focused. We offer free delivery, so we’re even helping you stay cost-effective!  

We have creamers, stirrers, filters, sweeteners, eco-friendly disposable coffee cups, and more. Everything you need to keep your breakroom well stocked is available through CMF.  

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