A Guide to Storage: How to Effectively Store Items in Small Offices

Making Space in Small Offices

It is important to have a place to store your office supplies and important documents during workhours. By storing these items, you can keep your desk looking presentable, and it will be a lot easier for you to retrieve the one specific item you need. One issue, however, is that some people work in pretty small offices, and do not have a lot of room for storage. If you work in a small office space, use these tricks to create effective storage solutions.

Opt for Open Storage

Open Storage Solution

It is hard to keep clutter from building up in small spaces, since there usually is not a lot of space for you to work with. Making matters worse, things like traditional filing cabinets can take up more space when their doors open up. To combat this issue, you should consider getting some open storage options.

Bring in open, boxed shelves that you can rest on the floor near your desk. Not only is it easy to quickly reach for stored items, they take up much less space since you do not have to open a drawer or door. Many are pretty small as well, so you can get a decent amount of them for your office. Consider checking out this open storage system if you need an easy storage solution.

Use the Back of Your Door & the Walls

Hangar Filing System

A common storage strategy used by office workers is to hook folders and other storage solutions onto the backs of doors. Hangers have been designed to hold on to doors, and you can use them to store folders with documents you need to have close by. That way, these documents are kept off your desk, creating more space for you to work with.

Similarly, you can use your office walls to store other items. Speak with your manager about installing shelves to the wall so you have an extra place to store your supplies off the ground. You should also consider hanging a chalkboard or a whiteboard so you can easily create reminders, so you do not always need to keep reminders on your desk. Some folders are designed to stick to metal filing cabinets, creating even more space in your office.

Get a Desk with Storage

Pedestal Desk

An easy storage solution for small office spaces is to shop for a desk that has built-in storage. Many offices use desks without drawers, and while this helps cut down costs, it also makes it harder to store things. Consider replacing your current work desk with one that has drawers so you have a place to put your pencils, pens, and other office supplies.

This will help keep your desk clear, while still making it easy to retrieve any of the items you have stored away. It is a simple solution, but one that is sometimes overlooked by office employees. Keep an eye out for desks with keyboard trays and overhead compartments as well, as these are also helpful storage features.

Vertical Storage is a Must

Vertical Filing Cabinet

Vertical design is a must for any small office space. If you try to lay out your shelves and filing cabinets horizontally, it will not take long for you to run out of space in your office. This will make getting around the room a challenge, and you will only end up being frustrated.

Instead, shop for vertical shelves, taller filing cabinets, and stack up some storage boxes so they line up vertically. By building upward instead of outward, you will have a lot more floor space to work with. This allows you to keep supplies and documents safety stored away, while still having plenty of room to move around.

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