A Guide to Storage in a Small Office

Feeling Crammed? Avoid Workplace Woes With Some Storage Tips

It can be very frustrating to feel crammed in your office area, whether your physically at the office or working at your in-home office. Making an organized space for yourself could do wonders and probably even enhance your workflow. Time to refresh your office space and make the most of your work area!

Reconfigure & Define Your Office Space

Close-up on a man on his computer in a tight office

Does the office feel a little smaller these days? When you’re in the office it can sometimes feel crammed when sharing spaces. The good news is you’re not alone!

It is important to have sufficient office space while at work to enhance your focus and overall sense of well-being while working. The important thing to do is to define your workspace, so a bit of office space planning can come in handy. Define your desk area and rearrange it so you have a bit of distance from your colleagues. This will allow for some social distancing while making your work environment more suitable for your needs. A well-designed office layout can have you loving your new office space!

Reconfigure Your Office Space

Feeling overwhelmed and surrounded by paperwork and supplies that need a home? Yep, sounds like an average day at the office. It’s very important to make optimal use of your space at the office and the things in it. In order to do so you need to think outside the box to get things in order and where they need to be.

Put Things In Their Place

  • Get hooks to hang your keys, purse or other essentials from the side of your desk and off the floor.
  • Invest in a desk with a hutch that allows for more storage than an average desk, or add a filing cabinet to the décor. All are great options for storage that won’t take up a lot of space.
  • Make sure you’re making good use of your closet, a closet can be transformed into the ultimate storage utility with some extra hooks, shelves and bins!

Working From Home

Now more than ever people are working from home. It can be very distracting working from your dining room table or bedroom. It’s important to set yourself up with a designated work space and the right home office furniture. In doing so you have to be mindful of how to optimize your work space for you and others.

For Starters

  • Getting a desk is a great solution, even if it’s a small one. If there’s no room for a desk consider a portable lap desk or monitor stand that can easily be folded up and stored in the closet or under the couch when not in use.
  • Have you considered making a closet into an office? How about a wall office? Yep, that’s right…you can use an empty wall space to transform it into an office space. Just place a table and chair against it and BAM! You can even add a magnetic wall calendar to post up all those extra notes laying around!
  • Need storage and office seating at home? Consider rolling filling cabinets with cushioned seating to get a two for one deal!

Whether you’re working from home or at your office there’s a need to make the most of storage in your small space! There are many solutions to being overwhelmed and crammed in your workspace so make sure to revamp your space in order to optimize your work experience!