5 Things to Look For When Buying an Office Chair

Shopping for a New Office Chair

If you feel uncomfortable sitting in your current office chair, you probably need to buy a new one. Shopping for a new chair of any kind can be difficult because there are many different chairs that offer plenty of different features. Below are a few features you should look out for if you want to buy the most effective office chair on the market.


Adjusting Office Chair

One of the most important things you should be looking for in an office chair is adjustability. Some of the best office chairs are the ones that allow you to adjust the seat height to your liking. Being able to raise the seat height can help reduce stress on your knees while you work.

You should also look for an office chair that has an adjustable backrest. You will feel a lot comfortable at work if you are able to recline your chair a little bit. Being able to adjust your chair in different ways can help improve your mood at work, and this can make you a lot more productive.

Good Mobility

Close Up of Office Chair Wheels

It would be wise to buy an office chair that offers good mobility. Try to find an office chair that rotates 360 degrees, as it will allow you face different directions while sitting in one place. An office chair like this typically comes with wheels, so you can move the chair around without having to pick it up.

Be aware of the flooring in your workspace when selecting a wheeled chair, because certain wheel types work better on specific surfaces. Soft, rubbery wheels work best when you have either a hardwood floor or a plastic mat in front of your desk. If your office is carpeted, you should go with harder wheels for your chair.

Comfortable Materials

Mesh Office Chair

Getting an office chair that is comfortable is of the utmost importance. You are going to sitting in your new chair for long periods of time, so you do not want to buy one that makes you feel uncomfortable. Different materials can offer different benefits, so always be aware of what a chair is made of before you purchase it.

If you go out to a store, test out the chairs you really like. Just because a chair looks comfortable does not mean it actually is comfortable. When shopping online, read up on the materials a chair is made of so you can figure out if you will benefit from using at your workspace.

Lumbar Support

Keep your eyes out for a chair that offers lumbar support. The lumbar region typically refers to the lower part of your back, and if this area is not given proper support while you sit you could feel the strain in your spine. Chairs with lumbar support give your back support and relief while you sit at your desk.

Office chairs with lumbar support keep your back at a slight arch while you work, which will keep you from slouching. This helps provide your spine with a good amount of relief. If your chair has the adjustable lumbar support you can adjust it in a way keeps the lumbar region of your back within the supporting area.


Adjustable Arm Rests

If you can, try to find office chairs that come with armrests. Armrests are located on both sides of a chair, and they give you a place to rest your arms for a little while. Resting your arms will help relieve neck and elbow strain during work hours.

Try to find a chair with adjustable armrests, as this will allow you to position them in a way that allows your arms to properly relax. Being able to adjust your armrests can also help you stop slouching if you tend to do that while you work.

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