NJ Contact-Free Office Supplies, Furniture Delivery & Installation

Covid-19 has changed a lot of things, but one thing still stays the same: your business needs the materials to thrive. Your employees need the supplies to do their jobs, janitors need the cleaning products to keep your workplace a healthy environment, and your office space…well not only does it need to be reconfigured to meet CDC standards, but it might be time to give it a total makeover. Giving your office a safe make over is currently one of the hottest office design trends.

How can you accomplish any of this when Covid-19 still lingers?  

Well, if you’re business is in the state of New Jersey, CMF makes it all possible! 

Office Supplies Delivery 

Covid-19 or not, we have an extensive inventory of office suppliesjanitorial productsbreakroom essentials and paper goods to ensure that your business is always prepared. 

Whether you need your must have supplies delivered to the workplace or your eco-friendly office supplies brought to your home office, CMF has your back with free local delivery.*  Our team of local drivers is here to bring you all you require to keep your work routine as normal as possible. When our drivers deliver your product or furniture you can expect our traditional white glove service with full social distancing precautions in place.  

Three people on a street corner delivering boxes

Office Furniture Delivery & Installation

Our contact-free delivery doesn’t just stop with supplies. You get the same high-quality, safe deliveries with all furniture. Whether you order new ergonomic workstations from our online store or hand-select a pre-owned executive task chair from our open warehouse, you’ll have it delivered with the same care and efficiency. As your local office furniture dealer, our team will go even further by installing the furniture wherever you need it—stand back 6ft and tell us where to put it!  

Or perhaps you’ve been thinking of remodeling your office, but the pandemic has you second-guessing the idea for the time being?  

Don’t worry!  

Our interior design team is nothing but professional under any circumstance. If you’re relocating to a new space or want to make your current office better for collaboration, our team will social distance while we take measurements, discuss ideas and aesthetics, and create a design we can send to you for approval virtually using CAD technology. With this advanced design tool, our team will swoop in on a day that your employees are out of the office and install all of your furniture exactly where it needs to be.  

Simple. Safe. Socially Distant Delivery. 

What does your local NJ business need from our expansive inventory?

*All local deliveries to NJ & NY are free with orders of $50 or more.