The Biggest Office Design Trends for 2022

Office Design Trends: Form and Function are the Leaders for 2022

Let’s face it. Working remotely has changed the ways we work. We crave both function and form. Our workplace can oftentimes be a reflection of the company itself, and therefore, a potential reflection of ourselves. Here at CMF, we like to stay up to date on all the newest design trends and developments. With so much of the worlds’ workforce still working at home or in a hybrid situation, the office design trends are continuing to evolve. 


Open office environment, with lights and chairs

Warm, inviting spaces that are inclusive for all employees are going to be a top priority for 2022. Is your seating size inclusive? Do you have breakroom supplies for those with allergies? What about your workplace layout: does it work for people who have mobility challenges? These are all things that, when thoughtfully handled, will keep both your employees and customers feeling welcomed and appreciated, which will promote loyalty and recommendations, which will make you more money! 

Sit-Stand Desks 

Two versions of a sit-stand workstation

Many of us have found that the cubicle of yesteryear no longer makes sense. For this, we’ve got sit-stand desks. Using a standing desk can lower your risk of heart disease, weight gain, back pain, and is often found to improve productivity! This combined with an anti-fatigue mat will help keep your office comfortable and open to all kinds of workers craving any kind of environment.  


Recycling bin

Being environmentally conscious is not only limited to restaurants; offices around the world have a great impact on the environment. Being aware of just how much paper you might be wasting and changing your habits will have lasting effects. Another way to stay eco-friendly and on trend is to use natural lighting, rather than fluorescent lights.  

Natural Lighting 

Open view to allow for natural light in a work space

Natural light is greatly important, not only aesthetically but also medically. A lack of it can contribute to illness, which can become costly when workers potentially start missing work. Natural light is shown to ward off seasonal depression, reduce eye strain, improve alertness, and increase productivity. If you’re able to bring in more natural light to your workplace, the benefits will be enormous.  

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Virtual meeting, with a display window


We know by now that virtual meetings are here to stay. Whether fully or partially virtual, some team members will be commuting in via their Wi-Fi that day. Make sure that your conference rooms have the latest in audio-visual technology to ensure a missed connection never occurs.  

Color Trends 

Color swabs

Red is for hunger; blue is for calm. So, what color do we use for offices? What color promotes comfortable focus?  


We associate green with two things: plants and money. Natural greens, like sage and olive, are known to promote tranquility and growth. With soft green accents in your office, whether a wall, chairs, art, plant wall, and/or accessories, your staff is sure to stay on top of their game.  


Yellow is most closely associated with the sun: sunny, warm, inviting. Therefore, yellow is a great color to use in a reception area or breakroom. Keeping the customers and employees feeling sunny is sure to improve productivity! Not to mention it’ll look great bathed in that natural light! 

Soft Beiges 

In more neutral spaces, like hallways, conference rooms, etc., why not keep the palate natural and neutral? This allows for a minimalist look while staying on trend. Wood tones, soft taupes, and khakis are great tones to use and will work great mixed-and-matched.