Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies: Paper Products For Every Workplace

Your One-Stop-Shop for Janitorial Paper Products

A clean workspace can make an enormous difference in employee productivity, comfortability and confidence. With winter in full swing, having the appropriate paper products available to your staff, whether janitorial or corporate, can help mitigate the need for sanitation overhauls. From paper towels to toilet tissue to disinfecting wipes, we’re your one-stop-shop for all janitorial products, including paper products. 

Paper Towels

Bounty Paper Towels
Brown Paper Towels
Box of Paper Towels

Paper towels are one of the most often-used, but overlooked products. After washing your hands, you want something soft yet absorbent to soak up the water. When wiping down a desk or a wipe board, it is essential to have a product that easily cleans up without leaving residue or breaking apart. We have many selections of paper towels: center-pull, C-fold, multi-fold, standard pull and more. We even have waterless handwipes with one texturized side to combat grease and grime and one smooth side for wiping down surfaces and hands.  

Toilet Tissue

Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Tissue
Angel Soft Toilet Tissue
Bath Tissue

Good toilet tissue is a non-negotiable necessity of the industrialized world. Nearly all our toilet tissue offerings are septic tank safe, ensuring fewer plumbing issues and allowing your systems to stay clear and operable. The one place we don’t want to run out of paper product is the restroom. Whether one-ply or two-ply, jumbo roll or standard roll, we’ve got everything you’ll need to keep the restrooms fully stocked.  

Facial Tissue 

Kleenex Tissues
Angel Soft Tissues
Puffs Tissues

With allergy cases rising with every passing season, having adequate facial tissues available is a must. We carry many different kinds- thin, thick, lotion-coated, etc., from all the brands you know and love. We even carry anti-viral and anti-microbial facial tissue. Ensure your staff is well taken care of through the Winter and into the allergy-ridden Spring with bulk ordering.  

Disinfecting Wipes 

Keeping your high-touch areas clean is of paramount importance. Quick and disposable disinfecting wipes have shown to kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria. Keeping these wipes on hand are an easy way to keep your spaces clean and your employees safe and healthy. As we’ve said before, an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure.  



Environmental consciousness is no longer a luxury reserved only for the Forbes 500 list. Being eco-friendly is much more widely available now than it ever has been before. In every category we offer, we have an environmentally friendly option that will exceed your needs.  

Whether you need paper products or other handy janitorial supplies, CMF has you covered.