Refresh Your Workspace With These Simple, Effective Office Hacks

Office Hacks for Extra Convenience at Work

It is hard to get work done if you let your workspace get out of control. Things like messy clumps of cables and strewn office supplies on your desk can make it easy for you to lose focus if you like things to be tidy. Fortunately for you, there are plenty of easy and creative office hacks you can use to make your office more efficient. Try out these simple hacks in your office space to get things organized and improve your work output.

1. Organize With Binder Clips

Universal Binder Clips

Normally, binder clips are used to hold together stacks of paper, but they have plenty of other creative uses around the office. For example, if you clip them to the side of your desk you can thread cables through the metal clips to keep them from getting tangled up. This will make it a lot easier to figure out where each cable goes.

You can also use these clips to hold other things, such as a pair of earbuds, headphones, and pens. They even make great stands for smartphones! Binder clips are strong little things, so get creative and try to come up with your own uses for them.

2. Leave Notes With Coffee Cups

Stacks of Styrofoam Coffee Cups

Ever wanted to have a cup of coffee at work, only to find out that it has been sitting around and has gone stale? You can rectify this issue with nothing more than two Styrofoam coffee cups and a black marker.

Turn both cups upside down, and on one cup write “Coffee Was Made At” with an arrow facing down. On the other, write the times of the day on the rim, and put the other cup on top of it. Rest it on top of the coffee maker, and tilt the cup on the bottom to change the time the arrow is pointed at. Now you can let people know when the coffee was originally made, and no one has to worry about drinking old coffee.

3. Store Supplies With Mason Jar

Have some extra mason jars lying around at home? Bring them into the office and use them to store the office supplies you cannot find space for. By standing taller jars upright on your desk, you can use them as makeshift containers for pens, pencils, and other writing instruments.

Smaller jars can be used to hold other supplies, including rubber bands, tacks, paper clips, and much more. Consider gluing jars of differing sizes together in different formations to create your own personal desk organizer. While you are at it, try decorating the jars with paint or wrapping paper to give your workspace a personal touch.

4. Use an Egg Carton to Make a Laptop Stand

Empty Egg Carton

Here is a trick you have probably never heard about before. If you need a new stand for your laptop, you can try using a large, empty egg carton if you do not have the money to buy a new one. It is not the prettiest setup, but it is an efficient one, and it can help you keep your eyes level with the laptop’s screen.

Not only that, it can also be helpful if your laptop has an overheating issue. Overheating can be a major problem for older laptops, and if you let yours build up too much heat it could lead to serious damage. By using an egg carton as a stand, the holes give the air circulation, preventing the laptop from building up too much heat.

5. Clean Your Keyboard

Black Keyboard Closeup

If you are tired of seeing crumbs and dust in-between the keys on your keyboard, there are a few ways you can go about getting rid of them. For one, you can use a piece of paper or a Post-it note to reach between the keys to catch the debris. They are thin enough to fit between the keys, so you can easily grab anything that falls in there.

Another tool you can use to clean out your keyboard is a strip of tape. This works like it does with the paper, but since tape has the adhesive on one side it has an easier time grabbing the crumbs. Transform your office supplies into makeshift dusters so you can keep your keyboard in pristine condition.

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