Let’s Give Thanks: Office Supplies We Are Thankful to Have

Office Supplies That Have Helped Us Year Round

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it is time to give thanks for the many wonderful things we have. To celebrate, we would like to showcase a few specific office products that we are very grateful for. Office supplies help us manage busy workdays, and these specific items have been particularly beneficial to us. Continue reading and see why we are thankful to have these office supplies around the workplace.

Kantek Rotating Desk Organizer

Rotating Desk Organizer
Office workers who have trouble organizing their supplies are thankful to have desk organizers. This rotating desk organizer from Kantek offers plenty of compartments for storing important items, like scissors, paper clips, and post-it notes. The device rotates 360° so you can quickly spin it around to find the items you need.

If we did not have desk organizers, we would have a much harder time keeping our pens, pencils, and other tools organized.

Post-it® Pop-up Notes

Post-it Notes

It’s hard to imagine what the workspace would be like without Post-it Notes. These self-sticking notes attach to any surface, and can be used to create reminders about certain things. Need to remind yourself about a phone call you need to make? Write down the phone number with a specific time so you do not forget.

This particular set comes with a tray that you can use to keep everything nice and organized. With these notes around, it is a lot easier for everyone in the office to remember important tasks.

Recycled Academic Weekly/Monthly Planner

Recycled Planner

Most office workers have lots of deadlines and meetings to keep track of, and it can be difficult to remember all of them through pure memory. Weekly and monthly planners like this one are essential tools in the office space, since you can use them to keep track of important dates that are coming up. The compact size of this particular planner makes it easy to carry around.

Without planners it would be much harder for us to manage our busy work schedules.

Customizable TOC Ready Index Multicolor Dividers

Multicolored Dividers

Ever had trouble keeping track of your important documents? Multicolored page dividers have been helping office workers for a long time, since they can divide folders and binders into sections. You can write a specific name on each section, so you can easily figure out where you need to look to find a particular paper.

Thanks to these dividers, office workers do not have to frantically search for one document at the last minute.

Keurig OfficePRO K145 Brewing System

Keurig Brewing System

It can be difficult waking up early in the morning to go to work. This is why we are grateful for the Keurig OfficePRO Brewing System. This handy device can brew coffee, tea, and other beverages in a short amount of time. You also have a choice of three cup sizes, so you can choose how much to drink at once.

This tool provides an easy pick-me-up for workers who do not have a lot of energy first thing in the morning.

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