Beating the Cold: Office Supplies That Are Great To Have in Winter

Prepping Your Office for the Cold Season

While the winter season is annoying for many, office workers have the benefit of getting to work indoors. Winter does create a few hassles in the office though, and if you don’t make preparations there can be some big problems to deal with. Fortunately, you can avoid these issues by stocking up on some essential winter office supplies. 

To prepare for winter, make sure you have the following supplies stocked in your office. Having these supplies will lead to better safety conditions during the cold season, and workers will stay happy and healthy. 

Floor Mats & Boot Trays

Grey indoor/outdoor floor mat

Winter is a wet season, so you can expect rain and plenty of snow over the course of a few months. This can be troublesome if you have hardwood or tiled floors, because any water that gets tracked in can create hazards to other employees. Pick up an absorbent floor mat that you can put in the entranceway so workers can dry their shoes off before walking in. 

To complement this floor mat, you may want to pick up a boot tray as well. Boots can track in a lot of snow, and workers don’t always have the time to clean them off first thing in the morning. A boot tray will give everyone a place to store their boots so they will dry off by the end of the workday. 

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers & Disinfecting Wipes

bottle of Purell Hand Sanitizer

The shift in temperatures brought by the winter season aren’t great for the sinuses. Viruses, like the flu, spread easily in the winter, and the cold air makes it harder for our immune systems to fight them. It would be wise to stock up on plenty of hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes for the winter. 

If you run a small business, try to get something for each employee to keep on their desk. Otherwise, keep a few containers with wipes in the office’s breakroom. Sick days can seriously harm productivity levels, so take precautions to ensure everyone at work stays healthy. 

Portable Heaters

Black Honeywell Portable Heater

Most office spaces have heating systems, so during the winter you shouldn’t have to worry about the cold weather too much. It would be wise to have a backup plan, just in case the heating system goes on the fritz. Getting portable heaters for the office would be a good precaution to take. 

CMF offers a wide range of heaters, from 360 surround heaters to table-top ceramic heaters. Our heaters can shut off automatically to prevent overheating, and are built in cool, plastic casings that keep people from hurting themselves. The winter is unpredictable, so it’s always good to be prepared with an extra heater or two. 

Tea & Coffee Supplies

white cup of coffee with steam, sitting on coffee beans

It’s hard to get motivated in the morning when you have to walk out in the freezing cold to get to the office. This is why you should be stocked up on coffee supplies so you can serve warm drinks when people first arrive. No matter what blend you offer, a warm cup of coffee is just the thing employees need to get started on a cold winter morning.  

Tea is another great drink you can serve during the winter. Made from all-natural ingredients, having a drink of tea is the perfect way to ease into a new workday. Be sure your breakroom is stocked with enough supplies so you can make plenty of drinks for everyone. 

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