Facility Mats and How They Can Protect Your Workplace

Facility Matting Protects Your Office Space

Are you looking for a way to protect your office space from dirt and grime? Facility matting is an effective and affordable solution that not only keeps your office clean, but it also keeps it safe for guests and employees to walk without fear of injury. Facility mats provide an effective barrier that keeps dirt and moisture from entering your office space, while providing a pleasant aesthetic that adds to the overall look of your office while also keeping people safe. Let CMF help you explore the many benefits of utilizing facility matting by shining the spotlight on a few options that can be ordered through our site, and how they can help protect your office space.  

The Importance of Floor Protection 

Protecting your office space from dirt, dust, spills, and other debris is essential for maintaining a safe and clean work environment. Floors are especially prone to damage due to the everyday wear and tear that comes with foot traffic and regular cleaning, so it is important to keep them in good condition. There are three main reasons why protecting your office floors is important.  


Protecting your office floor from wear and tear will help minimize slips and falls in the workplace, which can lead to injuries. Not only can floor protection help reduce slips and falls, but it can also help absorb shock when moving equipment around, thus reducing the risk of broken items or accidental falls.  


Proper floor protection can help reduce the need for frequent and costly maintenance on hardwood, tile, and other types of floors. Floors that are not protected can quickly become scuffed and scratched, making them difficult to clean and maintain. Depending on the job and materials needed, a repair can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands, so it is within your best interest to protect the flooring, potentially saving your business large sums of money.  


A well-maintained office floor adds to the overall appearance of the space, creating a professional and welcoming atmosphere. In addition to keeping the floors clean and free from scratches, proper floor protection will also help maintain their original luster, making the space look even more inviting. Some mats can even be personalized to reflect your company logo on it giving guests brand recognition right upon entering your space. 


The Three-Mat System 

As we mentioned earlier, facility matting is one of the most effective ways to protect your office floor from damage. According to the ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), 15 feet of matting can reduce the dirt that is tracked into a space by 80-90%. This is achieved by facility matting that consists of a specialized three-mat system broken down into zones that helps provide added traction and safety for your floors.  

The three mats are all 3×5 and each one is specifically designed to perform a job to absorb heavy impacts, preventing spills from damaging the flooring underneath, and creating a barrier between foot traffic and your office floors, helping extend the life of the flooring material.  

The Scraper Mat 

The first mat is the scraper mat. It is placed right outside the door or right inside the entrance as the first defense against dirt entering your space. This mat is designed to take care of the larger bits of dirt, mud, and debris found on the bottom of people’s shoes.  

Crown Mats’ Mat-A-Dor Entrance/Scraper Mat would be the perfect scraper mat for your space. With its 2,700 shoe-cleaning rubber fingertips, it will be the perfect defense from dirt and mud entering your space.  

The Scraper/Wiper Mat 

The scraper/wiper mat is pretty self-explanatory. It is the mat placed directly after the scraper mat, usually right inside the door. This mat acts as a hybrid. The scraper/wiper mat is designed to scrape away any dirt and debris that the scraper mat may have left behind. It also is designed to wick away moisture from the bottoms of shoes wiping water away and absorbing it to keep water off floors and to prevent falls.  

Is your entrance too small for 15 feet worth of facility matting? That is ok! The scraper/wiper mat would be an excellent choice for a small entryway since it has both scraping and wiping functions.  

Guardian Floor Protection’s WaterGuard Wiper/Scraper mat is the perfect example of a scraper/wiper mat. It is carpet covered and has rubber reinforced nibs that both scrape debris off shoes while absorbing any water or moisture that may be present keeping everything clean and dry.  

The Wiper Mat 

Finishing off the 3-mat system is the wiper mat. Placed after the scraper/wiper mat, these carpeted mats are designed to be the last line of defense by removing the last bits of moisture and dust and dirt particles from shoes. This mat also has the ability to improve air quality by trapping dirt and dust instead of it being in the air.  

Guardian Floor Protection’s Platinum Series Indoor Wiper Mat has a plush nylon carpet for high absorption. It has a gripper all-rubber backing ensuring it will stay in place and is durable.