Head in the Cloud

We know change can be intimidating but trust us when we say this is a change you are going to love! CMF is making the smart move to ECI Cloud Computing, and it is only going to enhance your experience as a customer.  

You will not notice any changes to the website or your buying experience. It is business as usual, just with a more advanced and efficient system behind the scenes. So, no need to fret! Stay tuned as we dive into all the exciting benefits CMF will experience with this move, and how it will positively impact our customers.  

What is ECI Cloud Computing? 

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Are you wondering, “What is ECI Cloud Computing and why is it important?” Well, let us explain. ECI Cloud Computing is an innovative project management software that allows CMF to seamlessly manage their operations and serve you better as a customer. It is software that enables faster and more efficient processes behind the scenes.  

But here is the best part – customers will not notice any changes to the website or your buying experience.  

CMF Benefits 

manager reading inventory sheet in warehouse

The utilization of ECI Cloud Computing provides several great support features as well as valuable data for CMF to better support customers’ office supply and office furniture needs. 

What it Provides 

  1. Streamlines project management processes– easy management and tracking of time and materials, and service work orders that require installation. 
  2. Accounting support– provides real-time accounting information on invoices, balances due, and accounts receivable/payable. 
  3. Inventory management- real-time reporting of in-stock and out-of-stock inventory. 
  4. One-stop-shop for business data– Learn customer trends and sales team performances to better anticipate customers’ needs. 
  5. Fast quotes– provides quick pricing information on orders for new/potential customers. 

By embracing ECI Cloud Computing, CMF is taking a proactive step towards improving their services and ensuring a seamless buying experience for customers.  

Customer Benefits 

small business owner checking on list of deliveries

Even though this shift may initially seem like it benefits only the CMF side of operations, there are a few things of note where the customer also benefits. 

  • No changes to the shop site– the way customers will interact with the e-commerce site will not change.  
  • Recurring orders- recurring orders become even easier to obtain. 
  • Insight into spending history– better data on spending history provides more insight on purchasing trends and needs for the customer. 
  • Anytime access– place orders anytime, anywhere, from any device. No more last-minute runs to the office supply store.  

No Changes Required 

We want to assure every customer that this transition is a seamless one. As we mentioned earlier you will not experience any changes to the website or your buying experience. With ECI Cloud Computing, you can expect the same easy-to-use interface and convenient features that you have come to love. The transition will be seamless, so you can continue ordering your office supplies without any interruptions or adjustments on your end. We are committed to providing you with a smooth and hassle-free experience, and this move to ECI Cloud Computing is just another way we at CMF are enhancing our services to you. 

Recurring Orders are Easy as Ever 

Are you tired of the hassle of ordering office supplies every time you run out? Well, say goodbye to tedious ordering. The shift to ECI Cloud Computing will allow recurring orders to become easier than ever to set up. ECI Cloud Computing streamlines the entire ordering process, allowing you to effortlessly schedule recurring orders for your office supplies while providing valuable data to CMF so we can better serve you and ensure the products you need are always in stock. Whether you need pens, paper, or printer ink, you can now set it and forget it. No more last-minute runs to the store or frantic online orders. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that your essential supplies are automatically replenished on a regular basis. 

Say goodbye to the hassle of tedious ordering and say hello to more time and convenience in your workday! 

Better Insight into Spending History 

With this move, CMF will gain better visibility into your order history. This means we will be able to help track your expenses and make more informed decisions about your office supply budgets and orders. With ECI Cloud Computing, we will have access to detailed reports and analytics that show exactly how much you are spending on office supplies. This will allow us to easily identify trends, monitor your spending patterns, and adjust as needed. No more surprises when it comes to your office supply expenses! 

No more guesswork and overspending. It is time to take control of your office supply expenses! 

Access Anytime, Anywhere 

You can access your account and purchase orders from anywhere, at any time. Whether you are on the go, working remotely, or simply want to place an order from the comfort of your couch, ECI Cloud Computing has you covered. Just grab your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and you are ready to browse and purchase your office supplies. No more limitations of traditional systems, just the freedom of cloud computing and a whole new level of convenience in your office supply shopping.