Stock Up on School Supplies for September Now!

Shop for School Now? Yes!

We know you are just winding down from this school year, but what if we were to recommend shopping for school supplies for September and the 2023-2024 school year? It may seem a little premature, but what is wrong with doing a little preparation for next year, today?! Especially if there are savings involved! 

Let CMF show how shopping for school supplies now is the most beneficial way to go. Stock up on all the essentials for the 2023-2024 school year and take advantage of CMF’s great selection. Whether you are a teacher or school stocking your classrooms or a parent preparing your home office and child for success, with CMF you can find everything you need for the upcoming school year. The best part? You can start shopping now! So, let us get started on your back-to-school shopping and get ready for an amazing school year.  

What to Order  

Silver Containers Holding Pencils, Scissors, & More

In 2022, it was estimated that each student in grades K-12 cost about $661.00 in school supplies. We understand that is a large commitment whether you are a parent or a teacher trying to offset costs for your students’ families. Let CMF guide you towards the best products and deals so you can tackle that supply list now to save money. There are a few old faithfuls that we know will be required for school, and those supplies are what we recommend purchasing now. If you are a teacher looking forward to the 2023-2024 school year, we have what you need! Stocking your home office for the upcoming papers and projects can also be beneficial.  

Writing Utensils 

students back to school with supplies needed for projects like art

CMF has all the pencils and pens to help document all the projects, essay deadlines, and math problems you can imagine. Transference of information in the classroom is paramount, so if you need to supply your classroom with whiteboard markers and/or chalk to ensure your lesson is powerful, we have those for you as well. We also have whiteboards available if your classroom or school needs a fresh board for a fresh school year.  

Printer Paper, Ink, and Toner 

It is no secret our usage of paper has been on the decline in recent years; however, it is still a necessity for papers, printed tests, handouts, and even art projects. Just as paper is important, you can’t print without ink and toner. CMF has all the top eco-friendly lines of printer paper as well as ink and toner. 

Folders and Notebooks 

student starting school in September with needed supplies

Organization is a skill that students begin to learn and practice in their school aged years. Having the proper folders and notebooks will certainly set up any student for success. Additionally, teachers need those same things but for different reasons. Juggling multiple classes with different tests, papers, and handouts requires good storage and organizational tools like file folders and filing cabinets. Let CMF help keep your classroom and your assignments in order!  

Decorative Extras 

Walking into a bland and intimidating classroom can be overwhelming for a child. Lighten up and bring character to your classroom space for the 2023-2024 school year with bulletin board boarders made with bright flashy colors, fun area rugs for story time, and other inviting extras for those little students.  

Furniture and Storage 

classroom and office furniture for schools starting in September

Perhaps your school needs a bit of a refresh. CMF has all your school furniture needs as well. From teachers’ desks and ergonomic office chairs to file storage and elementary school tables and cubbies, we have what you need to outfit your school for optimal learning.  

Cleaning Supplies 

Albeit the least glamorous of the school supplies, but arguably the most important are your schools’ cleaning and janitorial supplies. Giving faculty and students a clean and healthy environment in which to learn is everything. Keep your teachers and students safe with top-of-the-line cleaning supplies.  

How You Save Money 

There are many ways that money can be saved. Contract pricing, for one, will always save your school money.  Recurring orders is another way your school can save money. Recurring orders allow you to set an order based on your needs only. It prevents overspending so your money can be used elsewhere, and CMF offers personalized support to make the process quick and painless. Set up recurring orders to save money and never run out of important supplies!