Hot Drinks From CMF For Cold Days in the Office

Hot Drinks for Cold Days  

With the weather turning colder, you’ve likely switched from iced coffee to hot coffee. But what else could you have on your way into the office? Many people are making the choice to consume less caffeine. Some are trading their coffee for hot cocoa, caffeine-free or decaffeinated tea and even chai! CMF has what you’ll need to keep the breakroom stocked with hot drinks for cold days.   

 Hot Cocoa

Hot cup of coffee

Remember being a kid and coming in from playing in the snow? You’d peel off the layers, put them somewhere warm to dry, and pick up a hot mug of cocoa with as many marshmallows as you could stand. Well, we’ve got your nostalgia covered! From dark hot chocolate to milk hot chocolate, k-cups or powders, even a peppermint flavored hot cocoa, you’re sure to keep your staff stay warm, focused, and happy with these delicious drinks.


Warm cup of tea

No longer the stuffy hot beverage of old, tea has come a long way from the English countryside. There are so many different options available to keep you warm all day long!  

Green Tea 

Green tea, while still being caffeinated, is loaded with antioxidants, which have many health benefits, including improved brain function and protection against cancer. It even helps lower your risk for heart disease. These benefits and the added boost of caffeine are sure to help you stay warm, efficient, and alert throughout your workday.       

Chai Tea 

Chai tea is another caffeinated option, but dramatically different from green tea. With cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper flavors seasoning this delicious drink, you’re sure to enjoy every last drop. Not to mention, the office will smell incredible!        

Caffeine Free Tea 

Plenty of tea variations are caffeine-free. Lemon tea and honey tea have long been favorites for many people over the years. There’s also Orange Spice for those who like to stay seasonal. Or perhaps you prefer Apple Cinnamon. Whatever your tastebuds desire, CMF has the right tea blends for you.

Warm up with CMF’s Beverage Services today. Or see how to stock up your breakroom with health snacks!