Why Choose Local For Office Supplies Procurement During Covid-19

Choose Local Convenience During Covid-19

Covid-19 has made us all innovate the way we go about normal life. How we work, shop and interact with each other might have been redefined, but we are here to tell you that it can also be easy and convenient. Whether you’re working from home, social distancing in the office or looking to make those interior décor updates, the pandemic made one solution very clear: choosing local.  

Local Supplies Priority

Cleaning supplies on a wooden table including bleach and hand sanitizer

Essential Covid-19 supplies can be hard to come by in for your workplace. Obtaining the cleaning supplies and disinfectants your janitorial staff needs is almost impossible from those big box companies. Waiting for reconfiguration materials can take some time as so many other businesses send in their orders. With a local procurement partner, your business is a priority. When an in-demand item becomes available, you are the first to know and the first to receive it.  

Personal—But No Contact— Delivery

A hand holding a small box that says "fragile"

With a local vendor in your corner, you don’t have to wait for your delivery to just be left on the doorstep. When you order an office furniture or supplies shipment our team will deliver it to you with our white glove service. That’s right! You not only get our signature service, but we ensure that our drivers practice social distancing at every stop. All the convenience. All the safety. All the customer satisfaction.  

The Eco-Friendly Option

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When the world was on lockdown everyone was amazed at the positive environmental impact that occurred. Venetians saw clear water in the canals for the first time in living memory and the air quality around the world improved. Local businesses want to keep the integrity of their communities as the world comes back to it’s normal routine.  

CMF offers eco-friendly office supplies, filtered water coolers and ink & toner cartridge recycling programs to help our customers lower their carbon footprints. It’s important to note, too, that when you choose to buy local, you are also choosing an environmentally responsible option from the start. Because our trucks don’t have to travel far to make their deliveries, our deliveries emit less greenhouse gases than the big-box companies. Whether by truck, plane or train, they have to travel exceptionally long distances to make their deliveries, pouring pollution into the air. 

In short: local=green.

Convenient Interior Solutions

Many offices in NJ & NY are either closed or open with a strict limitation on how many people can be in the space at once. If you’ve been thinking of revamping your interior décor, modernizing your cubicles, making a collaborative layout or even completely moving your office, then now is the best time to do it! With your office empty, you have the perfect opportunity to do all of this, and CMF is here to help. As a local office interior designer and furniture specialist, we will help you make the best design choices, deliver and install all off your purchases.  Big companies simply can’t go the extra mile, like a local business can.

Are you ready for the local difference during social distance?